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M/s Aircam Media Private Limited

The digital marketing and media industry has seen an incredible rise in market value. This is mostly because of the technological boom that the world has experienced. Several companies have been developed in this industry and most have referred to this industry as one of the fast-rising industries in the world. For a business to succeed in the digital marketing and media industry, they must be able to have or offer certain services like; having a reasonable number of backlinks for their websites, IVR’s, toll-free numbers, bulk SMS’s and emails. These services are needed for a business to succeed. While these services are needed, the digital marketing and media industry have been faced with one huge problem which is the lack of a company that is able to provide these relevant services.

One company has been developed to offer all digital marketing services. M/s Aircam Media Private Limited has been developed to offer top-notch services to all players in the digital marketing and media industry. M/s Aircam Media is a website designing and digital marketing company that is located in Delhi India.

Aircam Media Private Limited

Services Offers

Aircam Media Private is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that is interested and determined in the selling of IT services like; converting a Facebook page to a website in less than 24 hours. While doing this, they combine all the elements that are involved in the conversion of Facebook pages to websites to ensure that the target audience is reached.

Generally, backlinks are very important for the popularity of a website. This is mostly because most of the top search engines like Google would usually give more credit to websites that have a considerable amount of backlinks. They will also consider these websites as more relevant when they offer results for a search query. Getting backlinks for your website could be difficult, most of the companies that claim to offer these services end up not doing so. Aircam Private Media Limited was designed to offer this service. They offer 20,000 high-quality backlinks for your website. While offering this service, they also submit your website to over 2000 search engines.

Asides from helping your website get the needed ranking, they also offer certain digital marketing services like; bulk emails, bulk SMS, bulk voice calls etc. These services are offered to businesses and companies to enable them get accurate information across to all members of their staff. They also offer telephony services. They provide digital media solutions IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that is able to interact with callers, as well as gather the needed information and also route calls to the necessary recipient. They also provide your business or company with toll-free numbers which give your customers and clients the privilege of calling your business for free.

Also, Aircam Private Media Limited offers unlimited or countless email servers to enable you send tons of bulk emails for as low as Rs. 900 per month.

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