Unlimited Email Dedicated Server



Unlimited Email Dedicated Server’s best Feature is that you will be provided with your own Dedicated Server, with your Own Domain, Reselling Rights, 16 Rotating IP’s,and more than 50+ features

We will create on your own Domain

Training of 2 Hours and Dedicated Server with 16 Rotating IP’s

Direct Login Links : www.msgonline.in

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100% Satisfaction

Complete DNS Settings (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, RDNS)

We will Provide you 10/10 score on mail-tester.com of your email server.

We will Provide you IP Warmup Guide

1.) Manage large contact List

2.) Send multiple email campaigns

3.) Stay delegated with auto follow ups

4.) Spin the words within your email campaign(s) to avoid being spammed

5.) Segment your data according to stats and profile fields

6.) Never miss a sale by using Triggers

7.) Send millions of Emails within minutes using multi threads

8.) Mask your main domain with multiple remote domains

9.) Use multiple MTA/SMTP for better emailing practice

10.) Be informed when the reputation gets down

11.) Track real-time advance statistics along with Geo Location

12.) Addon list

13.) AdKnowledge Integration

14.) Multi Campaign Scheduling

15.) Auto Responders

16.) Domain Masking

17.) Dynamic Content Tags

18.) Feedback Loops Processor

19.) Geo Location Tool

20.) User Management

21.) PowerMTA Integration and Bounce Processor

22.) Spin Tags

23.) Split Tests

24.) Website Forms

25.) Triggers

26.) Advance Export

27.) Responsive Newsletter Templates

28.) Multi MTA / SMTP

29.) IP/Domain Reputation Monitor

30.) Sender Score Monitor

31.) Authentication Check

32.) Emails Verifier

33.) White Labeling

34.) Server Maintenance Robot

35.) Auto Backup Module and Much More!!!

When the word *_”Bulk Email”_* comes in front of us; the second word we imagine is *_”Spam”_*.

In Bulk Email Industry; no one can guarantee you 100% Spam Free or 100% Inbox Delivery.

But we will give you Guidelines to Prevent from getting into Spam Folder of your recipients inbox.

For Example, in our *Shared* Bulk Email Server we will guide you How to change words in Subject Line and also in Main Matter/Body, also we will guide you how to Clean/Verify your email list.

And in our *Dedicated* Bulk Email Server, we will guide you How to Maintain your IP Reputation, Spinning/Shuffling of Words, Auto Responders, Removing Spam Words, and will also give you many more Anti-Spam Tricks.

*= Unlimited Sending here defines that we have not restricted to any quantity of email sending to this server; but quantity of sending depends on how You maintain your IP reputation and various factors. We don’t restrict

*Top 10 Email Marketing Benefits:*

1.) The fact that Every $1 spent on Email Marketing will generate you $44

2.) You can easily segment groups of your prospects and customers and send them specific marketing messages that target their personal needs and interests.

3.) You can easily send More Frequent Communications

4.) You can easily Reduce Overhead Costs

5.) You can easily personalize your email messages.

6.) With automated emails, you can increase your one-to-one marketing communications and, at the same time, reduce the number of employee-hours needed.

7.) It’s easy to test, optimize, and continually improve your email-marketing results.

8.) It’s easy to track engagement, as well as sales and conversions, in your email campaigns.

9.) Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers. (McKinsey)

10.)If you want to build strong customer relationships, it’s important to have an effective tool to communicate with the people who matter most to your business

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