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Submission bases SMS are those SMS, for which you are charged for each SMS which has been Submitted by you to send.

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*Aircam Media Private Limited Company’s Bulk SMS Proposal*

In a highly competitive industry, it is vital to recognize opportunities that solve problems while conserving much needed capital.

It has been long recognized that the success of any enterprise is dependent on the amount of publicity garnered, and that brand recognition is typically the only thing separating a thriving company like Coca Cola, and the makers of off brand soda.

The quest for consumer awareness id a path that is lined with many challenges; the first of these involves the selection of the exact means of dissemination of ideas is best suited to your brand. The second challenge when the bill is presented to you; most effective means of publicity come at a very expensive price – which often cannot be handled by upcoming companies and independent startups.

In light of this, we present Aircam Media Private Limited Company, a cutting-edge media specialist that provides much needed coverage at unbeatable prices.

Among our wide range of media services designed to meet your specific industry needs at unbeatable prices include the following packages:

We offer bulk SMS cleverly designed in such a manner as to pique the interests off all your clients, these SMS go for rates as affordable as a rate of 10 Paise per message for 1 Lakh bulk SMS per with a validity of 3 years and packages of 5 and 10 Lakh bulk SMS at a rate of 9 and 8 Paise respectively with validity of 5 and 10 years respectively including GST.

As if the affordable rates described above were not enough, we also provide training services that are guaranteed to equip you with skills and services like the following; we offer tutorial services on how to craft and send personalized SMS. These SMS have different names and details and could be sent to a large number of people. We also offer the added service of teaching you how to include files such as PDF, video, and text in your SMS.

We offer you the specific advantage of being able to extract the phone numbers of anybody who visits your website or clicks on your URL, as well as the ability to send bulk SMS in any English or Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Telgu Marathi, Tail, Urdu, Kannada Sanskrit etc.

You will also learn how to create WhatsApp Direct Connect Link, so that when your customers receive your Bulk SMS, and they click on that link; they directly get connected on your WhatsApp Number, and then you can send them your content, Image and Company’s Brochure on WhatsApp that too at no cost; both daily and lifetime. this is an example of my own WhatsApp Link. You can click and see a live demo.

In addition to all of the above you will also be given a free reseller account which would enable you to have people that is, resellers and users, under you. These resellers would only be able to see your website, logo and band name, a benefit of your White Label account status. If you are worried about payment methods, we also provide a payment link at no cost, in order to enable you accept payment from any client no matter the means of transaction, straight to your bank account.

Our panel also provides the following vital features: 1200 Character SMS Length, Unlimited Sender ID, no software or hardware required, Opens on MAC/Windows or Android Mobile Phone or any platform having a web browser installed in it, 100% Data Security, Scheduling of SMS to send SMS later at a specific time without manual efforts and completely automatic., free API integration support.

These vital media services ac be yours at very affordable rates, all you need to do is follow this link and make an instant order by paying the amount in below link:

We have a long list of satisfied customers that have provided excellent ratings and reviews for our services, and reports of how our products have helped benefit clients and helped companies build profits are strewn across the internet.

Be part of this success story, order now.You will get a free Reseller account.


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