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With this voice call Solution, Get Response from Customer Like Press 1,Press 2; Also, Charged Only for Voice call that are Picked Up

Charged Only for Voice call that are Picked Up;

Get Response from Customer Like Press 1,Press 2

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Automatic Dialing: Automatically dials out identified mobile users to promote and market services

Automatic Redialing: Automatic Redialing unsuccessful calls by segregating them intelligently

Customized Reports: Generates reports on parameters like subscriber and location status

Customized Call Flow: Allows virtually unlimited levels in call flow

Call Patching: Supports call patching to route IVR calls to a customer service agent

DND Scrubber: Allows the addition of operator’s internal Do not Dial (DND) list

Intelligent Dialers – Predictive & Fixed: Helps companies to define dialing policies to call particular numbers daily, weekly or monthly

Real time Subscription: Allows real-time activation and subscription processes


Outbound Dialing (OBD) is a robust system designed to effectively manage mobile service-provider-initiated outbound calls. The system automatically dials out calls to a list of mobile users provided by the telecom operator.

Customer Acquisition

Converting Browsers to Buyers.

Increasing Profitability per customer.

Customer Retention

Optimal utilization of resources and increase staff productivity

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