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With a toll free number starting 1800, all your customers can call your business for free. The cost for a toll free call is borne by the called party, which is the toll-free subscriber, and not the calling party (your customers). With a toll free number to call your business, your customers can now reach you more conveniently. Increase sales and generate more revenue for your business with the best toll free number service provider in India.

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Interactive Voice Response is a system you need to have if you are looking at getting more leads and build a great database. We offer a great business deal through which you are assured of not missing out on any lead. IVR is the solution here and we proudly provide IVR number at just Rs.50/day. This is an era where you need to prioritize getting leads and customer satisfaction, we make that possible with IVR. Handle hundreds of calls, all at the same time.

Our offer is straight and simple. Invest Rs.50/day and build a huge database, thereby gaining quality leads. We take pride in making businesses grow and we do not like the idea of missing out on even a single lead. Your business might be small, but we know you want to grow and growth can happen only when you have a lead line. This is where we are providing the solution.

Unlimited Agents

With our platform, you can assign calls to unlimited agents because missing leads is what we do not want. Manage traffic with ease and get your business processes working smooth without any hassle. Whether you are a single proprietor or a private limited company employing tens or hundreds of people, our platform is scalable and can do wonders for your business.

Unlimited Call Or IVR Recording

Our platform also provides for unlimited IVR recording. This enables you to get to know your customers better and lets you improve on your services. You can also train your representatives by pointing out their mistakes besides deriving ideas for creating better products. Recording is also crucial to keep a check on your company’s reputation.

Customer Relationship Management

Our IVR platform helps you provide quality customer service. Besides being able to attend to hundreds of calls simultaneously, the noteworthy point here is you are building a rapport with each of your customer, maybe even your potential client. CRM must be your top priority in this highly competitive business world to retain existing clients and attract more customers. You can manage reminders, customer name and notes and all call recordings with this feature.

Dedicated Number

You get dedicated Local Mobile Numbers like ours 9990005757 that can be used in your campaigns or wherever you feel is appropriate to get more leads.

Use Own Number

Our IVR platform is so designed that you can use your own mobile numbers as well.

Toll-Free Number

This is one of the greatest services that you can give your customers. With this number, your customers can call you, without the need to pay for the call. You can direct the toll-free number to any dedicated line or to a call centre to address your customers’ queries. A toll-free number, as comes for free to the customers, is encouraging and you are certain to receive more calls. This enhances customer loyalty and builds reputation for your business.

Our platform comes with the toll-free number benefit, so be assured of getting more responses. Having a toll-free number also enhances your credibility as customers believe you care for their satisfaction. Be available to any customer, from anywhere with our toll-free number!

Professional Welcome Greetings

Our IVR platform provides you the opportunity to greet your customers with welcome greetings in your own language.

  • Our IVR platform can handle multiple extensions. If your business is going great and you need multiple departments to handle varied issues, we can help you!
  • On-hold music is another added feature. When you are handling a customer query, many a time you need to check your system or get in touch with a concerned person to give a satisfactory answer. How do you engage your customer during that time? Our IVR platform comes with on-hold music feature so that your customer doesn’t get annoyed while waiting for the reply.
  • Call forwarding, call screening and call recording are the other remarkable features.
  • Hosted IVR service to make cloud telephony more efficient.


  • Benefit from text message alerts to you, your agents and customers.
  • Make communication effective with bulk SMS from the same panel.

If you want to build brand value and reputation, book your IVR Number today @ 1500/- Per Month + 1500 Minutes Free + 1500 Bulk SMS with us. We are serving 400+ clients across Pan India from the past 9 years with the help of their parent company. Invest as low as Rs.50/day and gain huge, give your company a big boost!

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